2014 - A New Look. We've been busy behind the scenes - so we've neglected the website again. We're still trying to optimise performance for an alpha. Sorry about that. :(

Simple to Use

Be as intuitive and productive as possible with us. Don't worry about setting up.

Alpha Coming Soon

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A better Linux.
Inclusive at its best.

Our distribution conforms to some of the best known industry software. You gain access to the whole Linux ecosystem.

Easier to use.
Productive at its best.

It comes ready to go - spend no time trying to figure out how something works.

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Back to basics.
Customizable at its best.

Make your computer truly something you can admire and call your own - without high hardware requirements.

Rolling Updates.
Fixable at its best.

Never wait long periods for a problem to get fixed. We get it to you as soon as it's available.*

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* That is, of course, without breaking your system.